Casino Specific Terms & Conditions

1.The following casino-specific terms and conditions are effective from the April 13th, 2017. This is version 1 of the Terms and Conditions. These Specific Terms and Conditions supplement and should be read in conjunction with the general terms and conditions of Online Amusement Solutions LTD and govern your use of the Casino provided by Online Amusement Solutions LTD.

The terms may be amended from time to time at LTD¢s sole discretion and it is the player¢s obligation to review terms and conditions on a regular basis.

By agreeing to the terms of use, you accept and warrant that you fully understand and agree to comply with all of the following terms and conditions (including all guidelines or rules applicable to our service posted on our website which guidelines and rules are hereby incorporated into this Agreement), and that failure to abide by these terms and conditions may result in disqualification, account closure, forfeiture of funds and/or legal action against you. If you have any questions as to these Terms and Conditions, we encourage you to seek independent counsel prior accepting the Agreement.

3. Responsibility

It is your responsibility, as a player, to know if gaming is legal in your location.

It is therefore your responsibility to find out about the valid laws that apply to the location or country in which you are located. You should ensure that you are acting lawfully under the jurisdiction by which you use the website or individual services. We shall not accept any liability if any use of the website or participation in services constitutes a violation of the law in your native country. However, if we realize at any time that your use/participation constitutes a violation of such a law, we shall be entitled to exclude you and your player account will be deactivated at any time if we consider such action to be inappropriate.

4. The following terms and conditions have been written in English. In case there are differences with the original

version, the English version will prevail.

When the rules and guidelines at our website are presented in several languages, English is always the deciding language in case of differences in interpretation. Before opening an account or registering your personal details, it is important to thoroughly read these Terms and Conditions carefully. Any changes to these Terms & Conditions will be notified to all in advance, and before coming into effect.

5. General

Casino games with play money can be played without registration in the practice mode. For casino games with real money, a valid registration is required, meaning that a player must confirm that he/she is over 18 years old if he plays from any country except Greece. If the player is playing from Greece must be over 21 years old. Furthermore the normal registration process mentioned in the Terms and Conditions, in paragraph 6 must be followed.

The Company reserves the right to cancel any transaction(s), refunds, losses, terminate events/games if related to attempted / unlawful and/or fraudulent conduct. Furthermore, the company may, at its own discretion refuse to limit/refuse bets without having to provide any justification honoring contractual obligations already made unless otherwise specified in the terms and conditions.

In the event of aborted games for any reason whatsoever, all players¢ transactions are always accurately recorded on our system. Any "unfinished game rounds" are restored when returning to the game. "Finished game rounds" are not restored, but results can easily be retrieved by contacting our support team. We recommend all our clients to have an alternative Internet Service Provider (ISP) for any potential connection problem with your ISP.

The Company reserves the right to cancel any transaction/s, refunds, and losses, terminate events / games if related to attempted / unlawful and/or fraudulent conduct.

The company does not assume liability for input or transmission errors. The company reserves the right to rectify obvious errors in particular in the input of bet odds e.g. confusion of odds or results, etc.

6. Converting of Chips in the Casino

In order to be able to play with real money, the user must buy casino chips from his/her account.

To transfer money from your account (Total Credits) to your casino account (casino) you have to click on blue bar above the menu and enter the number of chips you want to transfer. If you want to buy chips and play casino you have to enter the amount and click on buy. If you want to transfer money to your account you have to click on sell.

7.Play Money

Each user can participate in all games that are offered on the website in the practice mode.

In this area, the user has the opportunity to use the play money credit provided to him/her as a bet. For this, the user is provided with a playing credit of 500 units in the Casino, in order to have as authentic as possible a playing experience, those individual limits apply for the practice mode games, which are also used in the real money area. These are individually displayed for each game. If the account of a player no longer shows anymore playing money credit, the Casino will automatically provide him/her with new credit.

The play money of the Casino can only be used for the practice mode of the casino and has no commercial value. You cannot play in live casino games with play money.

8. Bet

a) Each user determines the level of his/her bets himself/herself, within the context of the table limit visible in the game.

b) The precondition for effective materialisation of a game is that at the time of placing a bet, a chip/game credit is available to the user.

c) If this amount is not available to the user, he/she will receive an error message with the request to correct his/her bet to the amount corresponding with the chip/play money credit.

d) Only the amount confirmed and displayed by the company is valid as the bet.

9. Bonus

a) Bet14 offers casino bonus 100% bonus up to ¤100. In order to activate the bonus you have to send an email to on 'casinobonus', after your first deposit. In order to withdraw bonus you have to bet your deposit amount 36 times in slots. You have 60 days to achieve your wagering in order to withdraw the bonus. If you don’t complete the wagering in this period the bonus money and any winnings from it will be exhausted.

10. Licence Agreement

a) Bet14 provides the user with a personal, non-exclusive, non-assignable, and non-transferable usage license to use the software and Internet gambling services of Online Amusement Solutions LTD. The Player has the right to use the software on any computer in which he/she is the primary user. Online Amusement Solutions LTD is entitled to cancel this licence at any time, without providing reasons.

b) The user can in no way copy any software or accompanying written materials of the casino system. The license may only be used by the original user and cannot be reassigned or transferred to anyone. The user is not entitled to grant sub-licences, assign or transfer these or rent out or lease a part of the casino system. The user is not permitted to reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, modify, translate or make any attempt to discover the source code of the casino system or derive new programs from the casino system.

c) The casino system of Online Amusement Solutions LTD with all associated rights, all images, graphics, photographs, animations, audio, music, text and the software of the casino system are fully protected by copyright laws. Any unauthorised copying, modification, reproduction or distribution is strictly prohibited and any violators will be criminally prosecuted.

d) The user agrees that he/she is solely responsible for all use of the casino system through his/her personal access data (user name and password). It is the user's responsibility to keep all user names and passwords secret and confidential. Any unauthorized use of the user¢s user name or password is the sole responsibility of the user and shall be deemed as the user's use. In these cases, liability is assumed by the user.

e) The commercial use of the casino system is strictly prohibited. The user is only permitted to bet sums of money for his/her own entertainment purposes. Before the user participates in the casino system of Online Amusement Solutions LTD he/she is obligated to become familiar with the laws regarding gambling, which apply at the location in which the casino system is being used and to act within the scope of these regulations.

f) The user fully understands and agrees that all computer instructions and responses, which are sent via the Internet from and to the casino system of Online Amusement Solutions and the client software are binding for the user. The user declares full agreement that the software for the generation of random numbers determines the result of the games.

g) The money on the account of the user will be used as bets for the games. Online Amusement Solutions LTD reserves the right to reject or limit bets. The user is not permitted to bet an amount exceeding his/her personal account. Wins are credited to the personal account of the user. Deposits and withdrawals are carried out by the cashier¢s office of the casino system.

h) The user consents to and authorises mandating Online Amusement Solutions to carry out deposits to and withdrawals from the account and thus authorises the company to grant these instructions on behalf of the user. Online Amusement Solutions reserves the right to retain payments, if suspicion or evidence exists of manipulation of the casino system of Online Amusement Solutions. Criminal charges will be brought against any user or any other person(s), who has/have manipulated the casino system of Online Amusement Solutions or has attempted to do so.

i) In order to preserve the utmost in security and to protect the users' funds, Online Amusement Solutions carries out intermittent security checks. The user consents to Online Amusement Solutions having the right to demand additional documentation, in order to be able to verify that the user is the actual cardholder, within the scope of a security check. By launching the client application, opening an account, use of the account, participation in games or acceptance of a win, the user declares and warrants the following:

j) The user understands that computer software, which is fully free of errors and complete is impossible to achieve. Should the user become aware of such errors or incompleteness in the software, the user agrees to refrain from taking advantage of such. Moreover, the user agrees to report any error or incompleteness immediately to Online Amusement Solutions in writing. Should the user fail to fulfill his/her obligations stated in this clause, Online Amusement Solutions has the right to full compensation for all costs related to the error or incompleteness, including any costs incurred by Online Amusement Solutions in association with the respective error/incompleteness and the failed notification by the user.

k) The user is subject to the provisions defined by Online Amusement Solutions and is obligated to comply with these, including all amendments, which can be occasionally carried out. The user is obligated to check the provisions at least once per month.