What is Rake?

Rake in sports betting is the rate estimated by the agent as a profit when calculating the odds for each race and sports event.

What are the betting Limits per game or league? Also what are the Daily/Weekly limits?

Regarding the limits , there are no restrictions. If the system does not accept any bet a pop up window will inform you at the same time.

What happens when a match is postponed or got interrupted?

Any match that is postponed and will not be finished or resumed within 24 hours will be cancelled. The odds will be replaced to 1.00.
If a game is abandoned before half time or postponed and not played within 24 hours will be considered as cancelled and the Odds will be replaced to 1.00.

Where can I find my account history, and all bets that I have played?

You can find a temporary history of your movements when you go to My slips. The rest of your bets that goes from 2 months old and before can be found on 'New Sportsbook'.

My slips:

Log in to your account. Choose 'Bet' category and on your right you will find on yellow letters the word 'Slips'(on the left of your username) Click and enter your dates/parameters that you wish.

New Sportsbook:

Under 'My Account' you will click to New Sportsbook. Then enter your dates, select Live or Sportsbook and press the butto0p┬▓├ÂLEALgYl next to your username. When the results come up you can click on the ID of your bets for more details.